Why Hire a CPA ?

CPA vs Accountant. Both deal with numbers, both can prepare your tax reMatt McCain, CPA Vero Beach and Sebastian, Forensic Accountant Matt McCain, CPa Anthony Samon, Forensic Accountant Vero Beach Anthony Samonsturns, but only the CPA has had the training to advise you in your business and on your personal investments.

From the Forbes Website, by Nancy Anderson

“… A Certified Public Accountant is required to have a bachelor’s degree usually in accounting, finance or management, and then take a series of four rigorous exams on auditing and attestation, business environment and concepts, financial accounting and reporting, and regulations.  There are also practice requirements whereby one must work under a practicing CPA for a period of time.  Their expertise and experience demands higher fees since their body of knowledge and expertise is higher.

tax accounting, estate planning, business planningYour CPA should be doing ongoing strategic planning, not simply filling out and filing your tax return.  A computer can do that; what you are paying for is the advice relationship. Your CPA should be advising you on such things as monitoring your investments to take gains and harvest your losses as appropriate, monitoring when you are bumping up against phase-out limits on deductions (click here for blog on phase outs), and keeping current on upcoming tax legislation.”

At McCain and Samons, we take pride in the fact that we want the best for our clients. Whether it be saving money on their taxes, streamlining business expenses,investing in things that will help you over the long run. One bad year in business wipes out many a person who has not made investments that can sustain a business during a downturn. We also help our clients make a plan for growing their companies. This is the time of year where our clients have time to plan for next year’s business.

If there is any doubt about the financial honesty of a partner or a spouse, then our CPA’S are also trained Forensic Accountants. Make an appointment with Matt or Anthony before this year goes flying by..


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