Vero Beach is the Place to Vacation

Vero Beach Florida vacation spot, one of the best vacation spots in Florida

Beautiful beaches, always some event going on, no high rises, reasonable traffic and friendly people. I am describing Vero Beach, my town. It is pretty special that I get to live somewhere that other people come to for vacation.  This week a friend sent me the link to this article on the Huffington Post penned by Xaque Gruber. Here are a couple of excerpts from that post:

“Unique in many ways, Vero is a quietly sophisticated coastal hamlet where blue collar workers happily coexist with billionaires. Among its offerings: a world class art museum, top shelf street shopping, scenic natural wonders, and the best Atlantic beach south of Georgia. While most flock to Miami, Orlando, Tampa or the Keys (let them), Vero’s under-the-radar charms makes it the real resort getaway. It’s unsurprising that Oprah recently strolled the town’s Ocean Drive shopping district in broad daylight completely unnoticed.

I first visited Vero and the surrounding Indian River County in 2003, and each passing year I discover new pleasures in this unspoiled corner of Florida. …

The Environmental Learning Center, a 64 acre natural lagoon island preserve located off the Wabasso Bridge is an excellent place for the whole family to visit and learn about Florida’s complex intracoastal ecosystem.

One of Vero’s most lushly wondrous outdoor spaces is McKee Botanical Gardens, which National Geographic listed as one of the 22 Most Soothing Places of Surprise and Sanctuary in North America. Their annual life-size dinosaur exhibit is the closest thing you’ll experience to Jurassic Park.”

When you live in a city for a number of years, you begin to take it for granted, but when we get new clients who move here from somewhere else, they often marvel at all there is going on in this little piece of paradise. What’s also nice is you don’t have to do anything but sit on the sand and watch the waves roll in.


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