Hiring Back Former Employees?

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Business here on the Treasure Coast appears to be booming. All the companies I perform payroll work for are adding new employees, and Anthony and Matt are taking appointments for people who are thinking about re-structuring and adding services to their companies. Right now, today, things are looking very good for businesses on the Treasure Coast and in Brevard County.

Some of those businesses faced times when they were forced by economic conditions to let some good employees go. Now, with business growing again, these same companies are in a position to re-hire some of those employees. And it’s not only employers here in Florida who are faced with this decision. From a post on CIO:

“The practice of re-hiring employees who left your organization no longer carries the same stigma it once did. In fact, a report produced by research and consulting firm WorkplaceTrends.comand The Workforce Institute at Kronos reveals that enterprises are coming around to “boomerang” workers.

The survey, Boomerang Employees and the Organizations They Once Left, conducted in July 2015, included responses from 1,807 HR professionals, managers and employees. Nearly half of HR professionals claim their organization previously had a policy against rehiring former employees — even if the employee left in good standing — but 76 percent now say that their companies are now more accepting of hiring boomerang employees.

Managers agree, as nearly two-thirds said they are more accepting of hiring back former colleagues. While only 15 percent of employees said they had boomeranged back to a former employer, nearly 40 percent said they would consider going back to a company they once worked for.

High performers get high priority

In the past five years, 85 percent of HR professionals say they have received job applications from former employees, and 40 percent say their organization hired about half of those former employees who applied. This high hiring rate is not surprising, since HR professionals (56 percent) and managers (51 percent) say they give very high or high priority to job applicants who were former employees that left in good standing.”

Our customers don’t have the luxury of thousands of workers capable of filling vacancies, and for that reason alone, hiring someone who used to work for you, who left in good standing, could be an idea whose time has come.

Should you need some professional advice on re-hiring former employees, please make an appointment with Anthony, Matt, or Jennifer @Complete Employee Solutions, and we will be happy to help you with this process.


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